About Us

Narwastu a community of artists in Bali. It began in 2005 when Jonathan and Tina Bailey gathered a group of people who wanted to learn to play music on the Balinese gamelan. Ten years later, it has blossomed into six art initiatives, each functioning independently but overlapping the others. Narwastu has a core group of Balinese and expats permanently located in Bali. But many people get involved who are in Bali from a few months to a couple of years. Hundreds of people representing more than 20 nationalities have found a creative space to follow their passion. The significance of this arts community is seen on two levels: the works of art themselves. The music, dance and painting that is created are powerful expressions of everything from spirituality to advocacy for women's rights. Secondly around the art initiatives are relationships that form as art is created together. It is in the context of relationships that meaningful engagement occurs across cultural, linguistic and religious lines. Artists are also empowered in the process to follow their artistic path and to, in turn, support their community as the interpreters and visionaries of the future.

  • Tina Boyles Bailey

    Tina Boyles Bailey

    Visual and performing artist. She holds an undergraduate degree in Fine Art, a Master degree in Communication and a Doctorate focusing on Art and Spirituality. As a young dancer, she studied at the Frances Lea School of Dance and the Margo Dean School of Ballet.

  • Jonathan Bailey

    Jonathan Bailey

    Holds a bachelors degree in English and a Master in theology. A native of the USA, he has lived and studied in several cross-cultural contexts, the Middle East and North Africa, Dakar Senegal, West Africa, Java and Bali Indonesia.

  • I Wayan Rajeg

    I Wayan Rajeg

    Born in Tegallalang in Gianyar. He has spent most of his life playing and teaching gamelan. He studied at STSI Denpasar until 1985 and later graduated from Pusat Seni Bagian Music Universiti Saens Malaysia in 1998.

  • I Nyoman Darsane

    I Nyoman Darsane

    Born and raised in Bali. He was educated in Java as a painter, where he became acquainted with Western culture, and this influence can be seen in his artwork, which is nonetheless very much in keeping with his indigenous Hindu-Balinese religion and culture.

  • Ida Ayu Made Diastini

    Ida Ayu Made Diastini

    Noted performer and teacher, specializing in two primary roles in the repertoire of female dances: Oleg Tamulilingan and the character of Sita, the heroine of the epic Ramayana.

  • Pavel Kryml

    Pavel Kryml

    Graduated from the High School of Telecommunications and Broadcasting Technology - Panská in Czech Republic focused on audio-visual production. Since childhood, he has been interested in computers, movies and music.

  • I Kadek Astawa

    I Kadek Astawa

    Kadek Astawa is a native of Bali, born and raised in Batubulan Gianyar. He is a graduate of ISI Denpasar and works full time in the are of Balinese music. He joined Narwastu at its beginning and now serves a assistant Pak Rajeg as well as teach.