Welcome to Narwastu

The Narwastu Art Community began in 2005 as a group of Balinese and internationals who were interested in learning about Balinese music. Since then, Narwastu has expanded to include dance and visual art. At present Narwastu has weekly rehearsals for Gong Kebyar, Balinese dance and also contemporary dance improvised music. While professional musicians are members, many of our participants are short-stay (up to 1 year) foreign students learning about Balinese music and dance. While the focus in on Gong Kebyar, there is also an active group creating new music and arrangements that combines non-Balinese instruments with Semara Pagulingan.

We also welcome new projects for collaborative projects. We believe that music and dance brings people together and builds bridges of understanding between different cultures as we create art together.

A Word from Our Members

Working with Narwastu has been a wonderful experience in cross-cultural artistic explorations. As a very multicultural and international group, working and highly influenced by the music and traditional arts of Bali, Narwastu opens a space for both Indonesian and foreign artists to experiment and explore the ways in which we connect. During my collaboration with Narwastu for Pesta Kesenian Bali 2013, I created a contemporary dance based on movements inspired by my training in traditional Balinese dance, to the melodies of Erik Satie transposed to Balinese gamelan by the Turkish composer Fula Ucanok. This year for PKB, again I will have the wonderful opportunity to collaborate in creating contemporary performance inspired by the environment of Bali, with a new gamelan composition by Pak Rajeg, the Balinese lead instructor for Narwastu. To have both Balinese, and other Indonesian and foreign artists merging their influence and impressions from tradition to create new work represents a form of inter-cultural collaboration I feel gets to the heart of what it means to be human, in both understanding where we come from, and what new territories we can forge together.Ari Rudenko (USA)

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