Welcome to Narwastu

The Narwastu Art Community began in 2005 as a group of Balinese and internationals who were interested in learning about Balinese music. Since then, Narwastu has expanded to include dance and visual art. At present Narwastu has weekly rehearsals for Gong Kebyar, Balinese dance and also contemporary dance improvised music. While professional musicians are members, many of our participants are short-stay (up to 1 year) foreign students learning about Balinese music and dance. While the focus in on Gong Kebyar, there is also an active group creating new music and arrangements that combines non-Balinese instruments with Semara Pagulingan.

We also welcome new projects for collaborative projects. We believe that music and dance brings people together and builds bridges of understanding between different cultures as we create art together.

A Word from Our Members

My name is Selene Zepeda, Mexican and balinese dances dancer. When I came to Bali I never imagined to be playing a gamelan, dance classes was the only thing I was imagined, however it not only been that. A month later, when I found the place where I would live for a year on this small island, it began the flow of my relationships; neighbors, friends and a new family in Bali. In October 2014, thanks to a lovely Japanese friend, I had the fortunate to meet a group of young artists, which really is a arts community called Narwastu, where it is possible to instruct anyone who has the interest to know and play Balinese music and dance. Here, I not only learned more about dance and music, I have also been part of performances in some Hindu ceremonies. Being part of this community has been very important in my life, both personally and professionally. My goal during my stay in Bali is based on study and deepen on the dances of Bali for future art projects, thus adding to the music, which is just as important for a dancer when he\she is dancing. Thus in Narwastu Community I have acquired the expected learning with Balinese music for so complete my understanding with the dances of this beautiful culture.Selene Zepeda (Mexico)

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